ASIAN 2009 Accepted Papers

Full papers:

  • Robert Grabowski and Lennart Beringer. Non-Interference with Dynamic Security Domains and Policies
  • Sergiu Bursuc, Hubert Comon-Lundh and Stephanie Delaune. Deducibility Constraints
  • Steve Kremer, Antoine Mercier and Ralf Treinen. Reducing Equational Theories for the Decision of Static Equivalence
  • Klaas Ole Kürtz, Henning Schnoor and Thomas Wilke. A Simulation-Based Treatment of Authenticated Message Exchange
  • Yoshihiko Kakutani. A Logic for Formal Verification of Quantum Programs
  • Jinjiu Long, Deqing Zou and Hai Jin. Trusted Deployment of Virtual Execution Environment in Grid Systems
  • Martin Gagné, Pascal Lafourcade, Yassine Lakhnech and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini. Automated Security Proof for Symmetric Encryption Modes

Short papers:

  • Matt Henricksen. Putting Chaos into Cryptography: A Critique of Chaotic-map based Stream Ciphers
  • Jianhong Zhang. A Special Proxy Signature Scheme with Multi-warrant
  • Baskar Anguraj, R. Ramanujam and S P Suresh. A Dolev-Yao model for Zero Knowledge